Goals for 3’s and young 4’s

Fall Harvest Party
Social Development
  • To be confident
  • To play alone (solitary play)
  • To play with others, talk is unrelated to play (parallel play)
  • To seek out other children
  • To play cooperatively
  • To follow directions
  • To begin to take turns/share
  • To build a sense of self, needs to “do it myself”
  • To understand and follow the ground rules
  • To participate in group activities
  • To be comfortable sharing in the group
Emotional Development
  • To control behavior, feelings
  • To respect and cooperate with adults
  • To show range of emotions, anger, joy, confusion etc.
  • To demonstrate love towards others
Individual Work Habits
  • To work independently
  • To develop concentration skills
  • To complete a work cycle (beginning, middle, end)
Self-help Development
  • To care for clothes and belongings independently
  • To dress self (coat, hat, mittens etc)
  • To use bathroom/wash hands independently
Language Development
  • To speak clearly
  • To speak in sentences
  • To use words to solve problems
  • To use words to indicate wants and needs
  • To listen to stories
  • To ask questions
  • To enjoy singing
Spiritual Development
  • To talk about Jesus
  • To talk with Jesus (prayer)
Small Muscle Development
  • To make a ball and snake with play doh
  • To hold crayon with finger, rather than fist
  • To cut or snip with scissors
  • To develop small motor control
  • To explore a variety to art media
Large Muscle Development
  • To hop or jump
  • To walk forward on a balance beam
  • To manipulate self on a climber
  • To run with control (stop, change direction)
  • To throw and catch a ball
  • To bounce a ball
Cognitive Development
  • To name colors
  • To name some shapes
  • To rote count to 10
  • To recognize printed name
  • To write the letters of first name