Goals for 4’s and 5’s

The apple stand is open for business
Peer Relationships
  • To be confident
  • To seek out other children
  • To play cooperatively
  • To show acts of kindness to others
  • To be able to take turns
  • To participate in group activities
  • To be comfortable sharing in the group
Individual Work Habits
  • To work independently
  • To have good concentration skills
  • To follow simple directions
  • To complete a work cycle (beginning, middle and end)
Emotional Development
  • To enjoy activities without adults
  • To be able to name basic emotions
  • To approach new play activities with confidence
  • To ask for assistance
  • To demonstrate love for others
Self-help Development
  • To care for clothes and belongings independently
  • To button and zip
  • To dress self (hat, coat, mittens)
  • To use bathroom independently
Language Development
  • To speak clearly and in sentences
  • To use words to solve problems
  • To listen to stories
  • To ask questions
  • To re-tell stories
  • To be able to connect experiences and to verbalize what he/she knows
  • To enjoy singing
  • To show an interest in print
Spiritual Development
  • To talk about Jesus
  • To talk with Jesus (prayer)
  • To show acts of kindness to others
  • To talk about how God loves him/her
  • To see the Bible as God’s word
Small Muscle Development
  • To hold crayons/markers/pencil confidently with fingers
  • To use a scissors to cut on a straight line
  • To use a scissors to cut a curved line (circle)
  • To explore a variety to art media
Large Muscle Development
  • To hop or jump
  • To hop or jump on one foot
  • To walk forward on a balance beam
  • To walk backwards on a balance beam
  • To manipulate self on a climber
  • To run with control (stop, change direction)
  • To have experiences throwing and catching a ball
  • To have experience with galloping and skipping
Cognitive Development
  • To name colors
  • To name four basic shapes
  • To rote count to 12
  • To match shapes and sizes
  • To recognize objects which are the same
  • To recognize printed name
  • To write own name
  • To say the alphabet
  • To recognize some letters and numbers