4 and 5 Year Olds

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This class is a school readiness class for the children who will, most likely, go on to Kindergarten next year.

Our major emphasis with the older children is to develop the academic skills necessary for a successful life of learning.

The children will learn social skills:

  • to work alone and with others
  • share and take turns
  • express thoughts and ideas
  • listen to others
  • follow directions

While working on the social skills listed above, the children will also learn to:

  • Recognize and write the letters of the alphabet
  • Recognize and write numbers
  • Recognize and draw basic shapes
  • Develop fine motor skills such as cutting and drawing and large motor skills such as skipping and balancing

For a full list of goals click here.

Two classes are available for older children which meet 2 days/week.

  • Monday & Wednesday Afternoons  12:15-3:00
  • Tuesday & Thursday Mornings         8:45- 11:30 (limited, please speak with the director)

The cost is $95/month and a $50 registration fee.

Three Days/week

For the older children there is the option to add Friday morning to other session. This class works on advancing the skills of the children and often has a book based theme for added language development. The cost is $120/month for three days/week.

Financial aid is available for those who need assistance.

Click here for information on 4 and 5 day/week class.