5 Easy Ways to Support ABC

Our Family

 Our Family Codes

This is a relatively new program. Any UPC code from an Our Family product may be clipped and dropped off in the silver box next to the Campbell’s bin. The codes are redeemed for cash that will also be used for classroom equipment and materials.

Coborns Labels for Learning Program

This is a trial program for Coborns in which your Food Club purchases generate points which are printed at the bottom each receipt. Turn in your receipts and ABC gets a penny a point.


ACS Internet School Partnership Program

If you have Arvig Communications as your internet provider, you can help ABC by simply designating St. Johns ABC Preshool as your school. Sign up online at arvig.net or ask Kim for a form.

AmeriGas School Days Program

If you purchase your natural gas through AmeriGas you can help by simply turning your receipts in to ABC. AmeriGas will donate ½ cent for every gallon purchased.


Thrivent Choice Dollars

If you are a member of Thrivent Financial, you may be eligible to designate ABC Preschool as the beneficiary of your Thrivent Choice Dollars. This is a donation made to the school by Thrivent that is used for larger projects and items for the preschool.


July 2016 Campbell’s Products UPC Codes

Thank you for many labels donated over the years. This Campbell’s program ended in August of 2016. If you have any UPC codes that are labeled specifically “Labels for Education” we ask that you would please turn them in soon. You can drop off any labels in the Campbell’s bin in the hallway by ABC rooms.